We can manufacture any platform, whether it is a sliding tilt platform, a double decker sliding tilt platform, with hydraulic extension as well as overhead rearguards with hydraulic extension. As well as any accessory the client needs for the transfer of vehicles.
  • tandem

    Tandem axle truck

    Better known as a double trailer or dual axis, it is used for very heavy loads, or, for construction works

  • Tipper


    or “dump truck”. Pour your load into the back or, in recent models, into the side.

  • Hopper


    Can be a coupled chassis or trailer. They are used for transporting flour or cement in bulk.

  • Tilting


    With a tilting loading tray fixed to the chassis.

  • icon

    Bottle rack

    Used to transport bottles containing liquids.

  • Closed box truck with adding inside used for removals.

    Removal van

    Closed box truck with adding inside used for removals.

  • Tanker


    Normally used for carrying water.

  • To collect and shred waste

    Waste compactor

    To collect and shred waste.

  • Stake bed trucks

    Stake bed trucks

    For various loads.

  • icon

    Off-highway trucks

    A more robust and reinforced vehicle, for moving large volumes of aggregates and rocks.

  • For towing vehicles


    For towing vehicles

  • Concrete mixer or ready-mix truck

    Concrete mixer

    Concrete mixer or ready-mix truck

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